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Wellness Wednesdays

Todays Wellness Wednesdays (unlike other Wednesdays) feature a Veterinary Clinic in jessiethis beautiful province of BC. (I was kidding about ‘unlike last week’, we’ve done this for a while now, every wednesday)

Central Animal Hospital, in Vernon BC, has a resident there that they would like to share with us. Jessie came to see us at Central Animal Hospital, after hours, for a possible fractured leg. Jessie is a nine year old working Border Collie out at Indian Garden Ranch. After doing a physical exam and radiographs, a diagnosis was made of a severe fracture of the left femur. Amputation of the limb was unfortunately the only . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

Welcome (once again, and again and again) to our Wellness Wednesdays, a weekly296985_134195980014073_1887529537_n introduction to local Veterinary Clinics in this beautiful province of BC.

Today is pretty local to us, Bakerview Pet Hospital, who would like to share a little about Aiko. (“little loved one”-in Japanese) Aiko is a long-time resident at Bakerview Pet Hospital, and some of you may know her as Bakerview’s mascot. Aiko was brought to us in 2002 after being attacked by a dog, and the incident left her with a broken back. Ever since that accident, she has been paralyzed from the waist down. As you may have noticed, that does not hinder . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday!! And happy Wellness day! We feature different Veterinary Clinics on 94462Wednesdays, from this beautiful province of BC.

Handicapped Pets Canada would like to introduce you to Bowen Veterinary Services, located on Bowen Island. This is what they have to say

“We are a 24 hr emergency service and ICU capable clinic. We are located on Bowen island, and belong to a small but amazing community. Having recently learned of Handicapped Pets Canada, we hope to carry some of the equipment. We especially like that you have a ‘used option’ for those who cannot afford new. We are very excited to bring this option to our community.”

. . . → Read More →

Special considerations for Special Needs

While all dogs progress to becoming seniors, some tend to just get some greys, and other dogs seem to get every single aging ailment possible. Suddenly, your happy-go-lucky pouncing pup is now a poster dog for veterinary clinics “ageing and special needs animals” campaigns. Failing eyesight, sore joints and even some accidents are all common ailments in senior pets. Younger pets, because of certain conditions, are ‘special needs’ too. Whether they were born that way, had an accident or just getting old, there are some special considerations you’ll need to make in caring for your special needs animals.


Keeping your vet up-dated. You spend all day with your pet, and your vet gets a 30-minute visit every 2 . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays brings us to Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic, in Chilliwack BC. Dr. Leslie Ross and her staff, Ross, Peggy, Haylie and Mary, would like to introduce their patient, Cooper!

Handicapped pet patients are no doubt relieved of a considerable amount of distress and

Cooper a few days laterdiscomfort with your aids. I am pleased to describe my “Cooper the Trooper” case details. Cooper is a seven year old male black and white domestic long-haired cat. He was adopted from a cat-adoption agency when he was a much younger cat by a disabled elderly lady who occupies an independent- living seniors residence. Although she is on a limited income, she . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays, I hope you’ve been paying attention! There will be an exam soon, with bonus questions.

Haha, just kidding. Our resident dog, TimBit made me write that, I promise! This is TimBit


At Kennedy Heights Animal & Bird Hospital, their staff, Dr. Linda Schild, Dr. Yuri Yoon, Dr. Dana Gibson, Sarah, Kelsey, Laura, Stephanie, Jenn, Julia, Julie, Sharon & Kaila love to see all types of pets at the small animal hospital-from the largest dog to the tiniest mouse. Visit us soon for your special friend’s annual nose-to-toes exam. We’re located at 8614 120th in St. Surrey, as well as online at http://kennedyheightsanimalhosp.ca

Wellness Wednesdays

Little PolarAt Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital, we have a special clinic cat named Polar who is missing her back right leg. She came to us through the SPCA when she only 3-4 month old and was born with her leg deformed. We amputated it at around 6 months of age and she decided she was going to live here!!!! She is a very important part of our team and a self proclaimed celebrity. Having only 3 legs has not slowed Polar down. You can always find Polar snuggling with our patients when they are waking up from a procedure or are in the hospital due to illness. If we have boarding . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

Welcome to another instalment of Wellness Wednesdays, where we feature a new MerryVeterinary Clinic in this beautiful province of BC every week on (you guessed it,) Wednesdays.

Today, we’d like to introduce you all to Pacific Cat Clinic in Victoria, Vancouver Island. They would like to to share Merry.

” Merry was with our adoption program and returned to us with a broken leg. Unable to pay for surgery she was surrendered to us by her owner and became the unofficial “clinic cat”. She has since been living with one of our staff members who kennel rested her and did physiotherapy on her for two months. She comes in . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

At Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, located at 101B 45793 Luckakuck Way in Chilliwack BC, They have a permanent resident, Lily, who came to our clinic after becoming acutely paralyzed in her hind end at only 8 weeks old. As there is no known treatment to improve her condition quickly she became the newest member of our team here at Cottonwood Clinic. We all love her and are not looking for an adoptive home. We purchased a cart for her and she is quickly learning to maneuver and get around with her cart. The cart will prevent the back legs from losing muscle mass and hopefully give her spinal cord opportunity to regenerate and perhaps re-gain some use. She is continuing to . . . → Read More →