Special considerations for Special Needs

While all dogs progress to becoming seniors, some tend to just get some greys, and other dogs seem to get every single aging ailment possible. Suddenly, your happy-go-lucky pouncing pup is now a poster dog for veterinary clinics “ageing and special needs animals” campaigns. Failing eyesight, sore joints and even some accidents are all common ailments in senior pets. Younger pets, because of certain conditions, are ‘special needs’ too. Whether they were born that way, had an accident or just getting old, there are some special considerations you’ll need to make in caring for your special needs animals.


Keeping your vet up-dated. You spend all day with your pet, and your vet gets a 30-minute visit every 2 . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays, I hope you’ve been paying attention! There will be an exam soon, with bonus questions.

Haha, just kidding. Our resident dog, TimBit made me write that, I promise! This is TimBit


At Kennedy Heights Animal & Bird Hospital, their staff, Dr. Linda Schild, Dr. Yuri Yoon, Dr. Dana Gibson, Sarah, Kelsey, Laura, Stephanie, Jenn, Julia, Julie, Sharon & Kaila love to see all types of pets at the small animal hospital-from the largest dog to the tiniest mouse. Visit us soon for your special friend’s annual nose-to-toes exam. We’re located at 8614 120th in St. Surrey, as well as online at http://kennedyheightsanimalhosp.ca

Wellness Wednesdays

At Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, located at 101B 45793 Luckakuck Way in Chilliwack BC, They have a permanent resident, Lily, who came to our clinic after becoming acutely paralyzed in her hind end at only 8 weeks old. As there is no known treatment to improve her condition quickly she became the newest member of our team here at Cottonwood Clinic. We all love her and are not looking for an adoptive home. We purchased a cart for her and she is quickly learning to maneuver and get around with her cart. The cart will prevent the back legs from losing muscle mass and hopefully give her spinal cord opportunity to regenerate and perhaps re-gain some use. She is continuing to . . . → Read More →

Age is not a disease!

Every day we have new customers call us, saying their dog is having mobility issues, their cat needs an amputation, or they just need some assistance.

Every day, I have people tell me “He’s 14, I know thats old”. I always ask people “does he still look at you the same? Does his tail wag, and does she purr, even if she can’t move?” When they answer yes to those questions, I tell them, AGE IS NOT A DISEASE. If you feel your pet is ‘all there’ mentally, then age is just a number! There are a ton of products to help humans in their old age, and now there is products to help your pet age gracefully.

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Your pet keeps you healthy

We’ve written a lot about pets and their health. How to keep them healthy, how toIMG_1882 prevent them from being unhealthy, how to maintain their health once they get older, how to do a wellness check, and how to cope with an animal whose very unhealthy.

How do pets affect our health? Good question.

Basic answer? Very ‘paws’ itivly.


Our lives are stress filled little balls of fire. It’s a constant and consistent up, down, up, down, sideways, loop-de-loop and just when we think things are okay, we’re sent propelling straight back down to restart the . . . → Read More →

Whats’ needed to know about adopting a Special Needs Dog

What you need to know before adopting a Special Needs Dog

A Special Needs dog is any dog that requires help or assistance doing the things that other dogs can do without help. Like humans, special needs in dogs may be a physical or mental disability.IMG_0896

The term special needs can cover a wide range of issues. It may be something simple like an amputation, or something as difficult as mental issues that make your pup afraid of everything, including his own shadow. Caring for a ‘special needs’ animal may be a daunting task if you’re not prepared and knowledgeable about the disability that the particular dog has.

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Wellness Wednesdays

CoastMeridianTodays Wellness Wednesdays brings us all the way to Port Coquitlam, to the Coast Meridian Animal Hospital, located at 2-1471 Prairie Ave in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Come visit their wonderful staff members, Dr. Gerg Clark, Dr. Rick Boretsky, Zoe E, Zoe G, Taylor and their mascot Pekoe. Check them out online at www.coastmeridiananimalhospital.com

Hero Dog!

Hero Animals and an adorable little girl, whose dog saved her life. How can you expect me NOT to cry? Geez!juliamissingkid


A missing 3-year-old girl who spent a night in freezing cold temperatures, survived because her dog kept her warm. The child, named Julia, was found 3- 4 miles from her home with her dog by her side. Authorities believe the small dog named Czaruś kept the girl alive. The missing child’s parents called police on Friday after Julia, who was playing close to her home in Poland, disappeared with Czaruś. More than 250 police officers, firefighters, rescue workers and residents searched the meadows, thickets and forest surrounding . . . → Read More →

Wellness Wednesdays

Today’s Wellness Wednesdays (which we hope you’re enjoying!) takes us to 1850 Alberni Highway in Port Alberni, BC, to the Alberni Veterinary Clinic. imgres-8

The staff, Dr. Angela Damant, Dr. Junko Sakai, Marc, Tamara, Jaimee, Ross & Kerri would like to let you know that they believe that pets come first and they are here to help you keep your furry family member happy and healthy. They provide services in preventative healthcare, surgery, dentistry, accupuncture, radiology, ultrasound, and nutritional and behavioural counseling. They are the original clinic in the valley and have been operating for 50 years. The clinic is dedicated to improving the community and the environment we live . . . → Read More →

Canine Hydrotherapy

Canine Hydrotherapy, a natural remedy for tissue, bone and joint damage, has become a fairly common way of treating dogs with mobility problems, including arthritis and other injuries. Hydrotherapy facilities are equipped with at least one type of pool, usually staffed by an associate who guides your dog though the process. The treatment has been so successful that its being introduced to other animal species, even those who categorically detest water.images-2

What are some pro’s of hydrotherapy?

No impact on the bones, tendons and joints. Increasing heart rate & oxygen consumption improving overall aerobic & cardiovascular fitness. Warm water increases the circulation of blood to the muscles, leading to muscle relaxation . . . → Read More →